Right Now at Zephs'

     ZEPHS’ Restaurant is now closed

                      for business.

    We would like to thank all of the people who have dined with us throughout the past 29 years. 

We are extremely thankful for having the most appreciative and loyal audience for our endeavors.  

    Hopefully you have enjoyed dining with us as much as we have enjoyed your company.


  March 17, 2019

Featuring our own house cured Corned Beef.  No nitrates.

        Tastes so much better without that pink color.

Also part of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration:

            Pig in a Poke  -  Fresh homemade Irish sausage in a light potato dough crust.

            Irish Mist Trifle  -  Whiskey soaked sponge cake layered with vanilla custard and berry jams.


                February 14, 2017

Open for Valentine’s Day starting at 


                        July 2016


   We have the cherries.  This has turned out to be a great year for sour cherries.  The pies are better than ever.  The cherries are smaller (something you notice when picking 85#s in the pouring rain) but definitely more flavorful.  Every year is a surprise. 




         April 2015

       Thursday April 30 is:   Repeat Thursday.                    

         Vegetable Lasagna or Lamb Moussaka

                                   Reservations are helpful.

  Thursday's (April 23) Zephtover:  Mexican Tinga 

 Shredded chicken and homemade mexican chorizo lightly spiced with chipotle pepper, tomatillos and marjoram served with queso fresco cornbread.


  Thursday's (April 16) Zephtover:  Moussaka  

 A layered casserole of spiced ground lamb (seasoned with onions, tomatoes, black pepper, and cinnamon), grilled eggplant, sauteed greens, and sliced new yellow potatoes baked with a tangy Greek yogurt cheese topping. 

Reservations are helpful.


Thank you for checking back.  This Thursday's (April 9) Zephtover is

   Vegetable Lasagna:  Baked casserole of homemade pasta

with layers of smokey eggplant, grilled zucchini escabeche, leeks,

     broccoli rabe, and herbed ricotta cheese.  All this with a light

tomato sauce from our canned summer tomatoes. 

Maybe we'll offer the Chicken Bisteeya also for those who missed it

    last week?  You never know. 

          March 2015

Tired of eating leftovers?  Maybe you should try


For all Thursdays in April and up until Mother's Day 

   in May, we have our solution for your Friday night

dinner dilemma. (Pizza is not really a great idea.)

For an additional $4, for each main course ordered,

  you can purchase a Zephtover meal-to-go.  

Zephtovers are meals outside the range of our 

  usual fare.  These tasty casseroles and home-style

dishes can be easily reheated to enjoy Zephs'

  quality cooking at home.

The "Zephtover" celebration starts 

      Thursday April 2



   Braised chicken pie seasoned with onions, saffron,

ginger, almonds, cinnamon and herbs in a crisp 

   phyllo pastry individual pie.

Keep checking back for the schedule of Zephtover

  meals.  There will be some sort of Lasagne, 

probably Moussaka, maybe Indian Chicken Biryani, 

  and Pork??? There's something new every week.

         (And if we get really energetic 

  there may be some Zephtovers on Sundays, but no 

                  promises there.)




                    July 2014


For many of you all you need to know is:


And now the story:

        It was looking like the year without cherry pie.  All the orchards were predicting a total lost crop due to the harsh winter.  All the customers in the know were calling to find out when the cherry pie production would start.  We were trying to think of other good pies that might divert the cherry pie obsession. Blueberry?  Blueberry-Raspberry?? Strawberry Rhubarb??? (We did pick 35#'s of delicious organic strawberries and the rhubarb in the garden is doing quite well.) Peach???? (They're still predicting a great year for peaches!)

        Unnecessary panic.  We found an orchard that said they had some.   We went quickly at the mere mention of "some". Their idea of some was more than enough.  It just took 3 people 2 hours to pick 100#'s. (With the help of rolling thunder in background.) Pie crisis averted for another year.

     Once-a-Year Sour Cherry Pie Season has begun!

               ZEPHS’ Restaurant is now closed. 

                      Bye-Bye Sour Cherry Pie


    We had so much fun with our rescue tomatoes we decided to continue with the plant relocation program.

     There are now ground cherry (husk tomato) plants potted and looking for homes.  Come for dinner or just for plants.


June 23, 2014                 Talking Tomatoes


      This is "Take Home a Tomato Plant" Week at Zephs'

    Our gardens are planted.  We've saved a few back-up plants for accidents and animal attacks.  We still have plenty to find homes for.  Stop by the restaurant this week and rescue a tomato plant. ( Free to good home.) They are all heirloom plants (red, black, yellow, green, big, small).

P1070514IMG 1252P1060087IMG 2623IMG 1798IMG 1800IMG 2005IMG 1801IMG 2604IMG 1804P1020962

You can come for dinner or just stop by for a plant or

   two.  We are always happy to make dinner for you.


Sometime this week Zephs' will be starting it's 25th year

  in business.  It's official now, by finishing up our first

    quarter of a century, we are definitely:

                "Under Old  Management"


March 12, 2014

"Zephtovers"  are  back  !

Every Thursday and Sunday, during March and April, diners will have the opportunity to purchase a Zephtover meal-to-go for an additional $4.00.

     Zephtovers are meals outside the range of our usual fare.  These tasty casseroles and homestyle dishes can be easily reheated for you to enjoy Zephs’ quality cooking at home.

     Come out for a classic dinner with us and have a no-fuss meal  the next day with your Zephtovers.

Schedule for take home dinners:

Sunday March 16 - Our house cured Corned Beef and Cabbage 


Thursday March 20 - Moussaka (Middle Eastern Lamb and Eggplant Casserole)

Sunday March 23 - Moussaka

Thursday March 27 - Vegetable Lasagna

Sunday  March 30 - Vegetable Lasagna

Thursday April 3 - Moroccan Bisteeya (Braised chicken in phyllo crust)

Sunday April 7 - Moroccan Bisteeya

Thursday April 10 - Pot luck

Sunday April 13 - Pot luck

Thursday April 17 - Still thinking about it

Sunday April 20 - No Zephtovers Easter Sunday

Thursday April 24 -  Looking for a new cookbook

Sunday April 27 - Any suggestions?  Meatloaf??  

     Something spectacular to finish out the month!

                       Reservations are appreciated.

Meals without the purchase of a main course $9.00 if available.


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