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Seafood Briks - $12.00

Extra thin crisp brik wrapper with a mixed seafood (shrimp, scallops and crabmeat) filling seasoned with saffron, leeks, tomato, and parsley.

Chinese Dim-Sum Combo Plate - $10.00

Sauteed vegetable daikon turnip cake embedded with shiitake mushrooms, scallions, fennel, carrots and edamame soybeans.  Served with sautéed braised Asian-style pork belly and a Yuzu Miso Sauce.                 

   Vegetable Wellington - $10.00

       Roasted winter vegetables (celery root, turnip, parsnips, leeks, cauliflower, cabbage,) and Manchego cheese seasoned with marjoram and baked in a whole wheat puff pastry crust.

Sauerkraut Pierogi - $9.00

Eastern European-style pierogi filled with braised homemade sauerkraut seasoned with caraway and house-cured pancetta and tossed with caramelized onions and greens.



Deviled Short Ribs - $30.00

       Braised boneless short ribs in a sauce seasoned with porter stout beer,  mustard, and homemade worcestershire sauce.  Finished with a fresh horseradish gremolata. 

Lamb Arabesque - $30.00

              Roasted leg of lamb marinated in Middle Eastern spices and served with a preserved lemon sauce with dates, sumac, and onion..

Salmon - $29.00

Baked salmon filet with a smothered leek and herb stuffing.  Served with a light lemon beurre blanc sauce and a crisp roesti potato wedge.

Jamaican Jerked Chicken - $25.00

Chicken marinated in traditional Jamaican-style seasonings of allspice, scallions, thyme, and scotch bonnet peppers.  Roasted boneless chicken served with giant hand-cut spaetzle.

Duck Confit  - $32.00

Specially slow-cooked duck sauteed crisp and served with
homemade peach and plum chutney.


All main courses served with small green salad and appropriate accompaniments.



Chocolate Mousse Cake with Vanilla Malted Ice Cream

 Toasted Coconut Creme Brule with Sesame wafers

      Lemon Cloud Cheesecake with Summer Strawberry Sauce

         Walnut Toffee Crunch Ice Cream

            Mexican Chocolate Pudding with Cajeta Whipped Cream


Menu Updated March 17, 2017.  Above is the present basic menu 

  which will be enhanced with daily specials.

St.Patrick’s Day Special:  House cured Corned Beef, cabbage, and array of boiled 

     root vegetables.  Served with homemade mustard and horseradish cream.

Pig in a Poke - Homemade Irish sausage in a light potato dough crust

Irish Mist Trifle - Whiskey soaked sponge cake layered with vanilla custard and

                                   berry jams

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